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We at Mahadev Engineers added to a philosophy of industrialization & creation rural employment at micro regional level and helping hand to the country’s developments. Mahadev Engineers is a small venturesome Group , headed by a veteran technocrat Mr. Om Prakash Sharma . Who look after the technical, commercial and marketing aspect in erection of mini cement Plan.

From Last two years Mahadev Engineers at Jamwadi Gondal (Gujarat) has been working in erection of mini cement plants (till date more than 10) in Gujarat and the neighboring states. the glaring feature of mahadev Engineers is its VSK Technology (Vertical Shft Kiln) developed by Mr. Om Prakash Sharma.

VSK Technology got is own specific features $ advantages. The Mini plant with minimum production capacity of 50 Tons per day can be installed at smaller deposits of limestones areas.  its function with low power consuption and low fuel consumption during its process. So production cost is reduced ad aim to avail employments in rural areas.

Secondly, Mahadev’ VSK technology with its semi-dry Process enables the Quality production and creates minimum possible pollution as well as practically no effluents ultimately leads to a better cause of saving environment.

This salient features os mahadev’s Technology, have created a more demand for Mini Plants not Only In india but in neighboring countries and around the world. Mhadev Engineers is probably the firs industry to install a Clinkers Grinding Unit in Gujrat and Maharastra. We are in process in install our plant in Africa and our aim to reach out all our the worls. We always quotes rate in india Rupees Only.

Aim To Supply The World Around

With the guarantee for quality and workmanship in erection of mini Cement Plant. Mahadev Engineers Manufactures its own machines and components like: Keyway, Shafts etc. as per indian Method. Mahadev Engineers assure for the service at the stages of its development as well as for the replacement or repair for the period of one year from the date commercial production of a plant.

With the guarantee for quality and workship in erection of Mini Cement Mahadev Engineers aim is to make every state of india self sufficient in respect of  CEMENT a major building element leading towards nation’s economic and social progress at large.

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